About me

I started painting seriously 9 years ago. I take courses at the River Gallery School, and I still work with those wonderful people.

I take my work a day at a time, usually painting between 3-6 hours a day. I plan to talk about my ideas, media, inspiration and techniques in my artists diary.

I live in Brattleboro. It’s a wonderful town in southern Vermont, known for its wide range of arts. Between Gallery Walk, and the large number of studios and museums, and other types of creative work (theatre, dance, music and even circus arts), Brattleboro is the perfect place for an artist to live.

I also believe in community service, and work with the Brattleboro Rotary Club and volunteer for Youth Services.

My son, Gabriel Ives Ferrante, is himself a talented and insightful photographer. I’ve been trying to talk him into putting up his own website!