Cyndi Ferrante Spring 2019 show

New work:
Oil & Watercolor on Paper & Canvas

April 5-30

GALLERY 34 • 34 Main St • Brattleboro, VT 05301

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After opening weekend, the gallery is open M-F while classes are in session. If you need a specific time, reach out to me.

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about the work

My work is energized by the natural world, taking inspiration from the environment and the life within. This leaves ample space for imagination.

The ideas are often inspired by nature, the dynamics of environment and those living within. A set of snowy peaks; a bright field of flowers; a faraway forest; a sky streaked with lightning.

Often, looking at these canvases, you let your eye drift over their features and leave your mind to wander the bold contours.

What makes these so compelling are the parallels to the way the eye and mind turn suggestions of landscape, creature, character, or fixture. I hope these spark your imagination!

Art is for everyone.